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New at Mystical Blend! Hematite Pendants and Lapis Lazuli Pendants along with our popular assortment of Quartz Crystal Pendants.

All pendants come with black silk rope chains. Great deals on beautiful stones!

Amethyst Pendant
Promotes spiritual enlightenment and guidance. Protects against psychic manipulation. Transparent..
Aventurine Pendant
Attracts money and success. Assists you in making the right decision. Opaque green in color. ..
Bloodstone Pendant
Bloodstone strengthens your immune system and keeps it alert responsive to your body's needs. ..
Crystal Quartz Pendant
Quartz amplifies, focuses, and transforms energy.  ..
Hematite Pendant
Sleek and black in color hematite horn pendant. Comes with a sterling silver chain.  ..
Lapis Lazuli Pendant
Known for its power to heal and strengthen the body. Attracts the assistance of good spirits, inc..
Love Designer Package
Special discount when you purchase a Love Designer Package. Wonderful for those who wish to attra..
Rose Quartz Pendant
Brings warmth and love. Heals emotional pain. Transparent pink in color. ..