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Essential Oils

Dr. Paglini has created these rare mystical blends from ancient recipes, using only the purest essential oils. Each bottle also contains gemstones specially charged with energy. These oils maybe used for consecrating candles and to enhance the vibration of your body, home or business.
Anoint your forehead, throat and solar plexus. Add a few drops to your bath water or place on your wallet, clothing, business entrance, legal documents and other important places and possessions.
Reversible Oil
Turns bad luck away from you, destroys it, sends it back to where it came from. ..
Rose Geranium Oil
Dispels fear, protects you from harm, blesses a new home, anoints door and windowsills. ..
Rosemary Oil
Protects against evil, promotes healing, courage, confidence, prudence, longevity, love. ..
Sandalwood Oil
A sacred blend for meditation, sacred rites, anointing. Excellent healing properties. ..
Separating Oil
Use to separate troubled relationships or remove negative influences from relationships. ..
Shield of Protection Oil
Raises white light as a shield of protection around you. Safeguards you and your loved ones. ..
Spice Oil
Extremely vitalizing. Gives you energy, sparks your ambition. ..
Sterling Silver Oil Flask
These beautiful Sterling Silver Oil Flasks were recently discovered from Dr. paglini's Vault Coll..
Success Oil
Assures success on material plane. Promotes fulfillment of desires of love or business. ..
Wisteria Oil
Wards off evil. Used by those in trouble to obtain help and get their prayers answered. ..
Ylang Ylang Oil
Soothing blend that protects from bodily harm, attracts love and peace, enhances desire. ..